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    Business decisions for growth are rarely black and white

    Dynamic organisations know they need to apply both reason and instinct to decision making.  Grant Thornton firms worldwide help their clients do this every day.

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    Global Dynamism Index

    How dynamic is your economy? The GDI ranks 50 economies on 22 indicators of dynamism across five categories: business operating environment, economics & growth, science & technology, labour & human capital and financing environment.

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    Data visualisation tool

    Our new data visualisation tool allows users to interrogate the IBR data, going back to 1993 for some European economies. See how regions, sectors and the 41 participating economies compare against each other.

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    International Accounting Bulletin's Network of the Year

    Grant Thornton grew faster in 2012 (10.4%) than the other largest global accounting networks and provided thought leadership on critical global accounting issues such as lease accounting and EU auditor reform.
    If you want to work with dynamic advisors who could help you grow your business and understand the issues that matter, contact your local Grant Thornton member firm.


Growing businesses need advisers they can trust. They need experience and expertise so that, as they grow, they can rely on advice to deal with situations. Similarly, with more mature international businesses, trust is at the heart of the relationship. Working with business advisers on a coordinated global approach can help steer the company through current or potential issues.

Grant Thornton member firms work internationally with clients. They become trusted advisers on business strategy, raising money on the capital markets or navigating international regulations. Grant Thornton firms are leaders in the entrepreneurial market.

Grant Thornton firms are well positioned to provide advice that is free from conflicts of interest. Partners lead and they demonstrate the organisation's worldwide commitment to quality and distinctive customer service.

These are areas where Grant Thornton firms are strong, through deep experience with privately held businesses.

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Your business is different. The environment you operate in might seem increasingly complex but you need to find answers that are clear and right for your business. How do you manage business growth? Plan for the future? Stay competitive? You need business advice that understands your needs.